Atlas Risk Advisory

Leaders in FX Risk Management

Founded: 2010

Products: Atlas Risk Advisory’s core product is AtlasFX – a SaaS platform that identifies and mitigates all sources of FX risk. It is complemented by other integrated FX risk management tools including:

  • ERP exposure capture
  • FX forecast improvement
  • Workflow automation
  • FX trading optimisation
  • Results analytics
  • FX accounting

AtlasFX is designed to enable corporates to achieve “a holistic approach to managing and improving their balance sheet and cash flow hedging programmes”.

Overview: Atlas Risk Advisory was founded in 2010 by three former corporate treasury executives, each with an understanding of FX and commodity risk management from the practitioner’s perspective. The co-founders added to its consulting strand by creating the SaaS-based technology solution, AtlasFX. The platform provides access to exposure data and real-time analytics. It is built on OLAP (online analytical processing) technology. This enables clients to use the platform’s own analytics, workflow and visualisation functionality or build out their own BI-based tools, with the relevant APIs provided.

AtlasFX is used as part of a ‘multidimensional’ FX risk management process, even using non-FX related data sources. It helps treasury, financial planning and analysis (FP&A) and accounting teams to optimise balance sheet and cash flow hedging programmes, and ultimately reduce P&L volatility.

Platform features include:

  • Automated ERP data mining
  • Erroneous data and exception identification
  • Error source details and proactive exception handling
  • Shorter month-end processes
  • Deep analytics

As a scalable proposition, AtlasFX is designed to enable corporates to achieve “a holistic approach to managing and improving their balance sheet and cash flow hedging programmes”. The aim is to:

  • Improve forecasts, and understand all sources of variance
  • Automate what is manual and optimise workflows
  • Maintain business continuity by using AtlasFX when experiencing employee turnover
  • Reduce FX trading costs

In May 2022, the firm announced an expansion of the cloud-based AtlasFX platform. This enabled clients to automatically review in excess of 50 million lines of transaction data stored within their ERP systems.

Atlas Risk Advisory has offices in San Francisco and Dublin.

Clients: Large corporates across variety of industries

Revenue: N/a

Active region(s): US, UK, and Europe

Partners: Trovata

Employees: 20

Funding: N/a

Ownership: N/a

Elevator pitch: “Built by corporate practitioners, AtlasFX has an unmatched depth of FX risk management and ERP experience combined with a scalable SaaS platform. AtlasFX optimises the entire risk management workflow to provide a seamless experience for treasury teams. By providing time-saving, dynamic exposure reporting, and data visualisation, treasury teams can mitigate FX volatility.”


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 844 392 8527

TMI view: Risk management can only benefit from having a holistic approach. The aim of AtlasFX is to place a single lens over automated high-volume data extractions – including non-FX-related sources – to identify exceptions, even at a granular level, giving teams the opportunity to correct them before they become an issue, or even to establish a preventative approach.

Verdict: The company’s claim to deliver “needle in a haystack” data search capabilities certainly should go some way to mitigating across-the-board FX risks.