C8 Hedge

Hedge with an Edge

Founded: April 2024

Products: C8 FX Hedging Platform

Overview: C8 Hedge is a London-based fintech founded by former BlueCrest Capital Management partners Mattias Eriksson and Ebrahim Kasenally. The platform generates recommended FX hedge ratios, customised to the hedging mandates for each currency and for portfolio risk. Employing ML and statistical models to help predict future FX movements, the platform helps users build customised hedging solutions for FX exposures across multiple currencies. C8 Hedge ratios rebalance monthly, while turnover constraints can also be included in the rebalance. 

The platform enables users to:

  • Actively hedge FX exposures
  • Calculate optimal FX hedge ratios for all currency exposures, for both assets and liabilities
  • Add risk weights for each currency exposure
  • Calculate optimal FX ratios for each currency within a portfolio risk limit
  • Use existing FX execution implementations without the need for integration work

Clients: Targeted at corporate treasuries, wealth managers, and fund managers

Revenue: N/A

Active region(s): Europe and US

Partners: N/A

Employees: 4

Funding: N/A

Ownership: C8 Technologies is founded by Mattias Eriksson and Ebrahim Kasenally

Unique selling point: “C8 Hedge generates the optimal FX hedge ratios enabling a company to focus on selling its products internationally. At the same time, management of its FX exposures remains in-house, with the corporate treasury retaining full control of all FX hedging decisions.” 

Website: c8hedge.com

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +44 20 8126 8585

TMI view: An online platform that uses systematic trading models to automate the risk management process that also adapts to changing market conditions.

Verdict: A simpler way of building and executing a customised FX hedging approach.