Simplifying Treasury

Founded: February 2020

Products: Signatory Management Solution, Workflow Engine for Signatory Management Tool, Integration with e-signatures Solution and Digital Identity providers, Safe repository for documentation, Open API for integration of banks.

Overview: Delega is a Switzerland-based fintech with a solution for digitising bank signatory management. The integrated multi-bank tool has been built and is developed through a co-creation initiative that brings together a selection of multinational banks and corporates in one working group.

The solution is for use by both corporates and banks as a way of managing signatory rights on a fully digital and integrated basis. Cloud technology is used to create a bank-agnostic single source of truth in the form of a list of current authorised signatories. The tool also acts as a secure repository for supporting documentation, and can dispatch any changes to all relevant partner banks simultaneously.

Companies can give specific banks access to the information needed to create, remove, and maintain signatory records. Companies can also access their own signatory records instantly, meaning they can obtain up-to-date information about individuals’ signatory rights. This aids quick and accurate audit compliance.

Say goodbye to time-consuming, complex and paper-based signatory management.

Clients: Multinational Corporates and Corporate Banks

Revenue: n/a

Active region(s): Europe launch, planned roll-out for the US and  APAC

Partners: n/a

Employees: 7

Funding: Confidential

Ownership: Founders and third-party investors

Elevator pitch: “Say goodbye to time-consuming, complex and paper-based signatory management. Delega deeply believes that industry problems need industry solutions. That’s why we have harnessed the power of co-creation to build a solution that brings value for both banks and corporates. This is Delega, the T4T Treasury for Treasurers platform. Delega, simplifying Treasury for Treasurers.”


Email: [email protected]

TMI view: Signatory management is an age-old problem for treasurers and banks alike. Digitising the reams of paperwork and cutting the admin in an integrated, secure and easily accessible way just makes good sense.

Verdict: eBAM that works!