Fennech Financial

Smartly Simple

Founded: April 2017

Products: Advanced Reconciliation Manager, Auto Payments, Agency Management, Digital Cash Ledger, Liquidity Manager, In House Virtual Bank

Overview: Fennech provides an Intelligent Automation Platform for Payments, Finance & Treasury. Powered by smart digital contracts and deploying machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the configurable platform is a one-stop solution for the digitisation and unification of operations across multiple legal entities and business units.

In the financial space, by connecting and unifying the various components of the client’s IT ecosystem, the Fennech Financial Framework (F3) platform is able to orchestrate all the business rules on how payments should be made and allocated, coordinating the payment flows between parties.

Clients: Brinks France Finance , Web Connectivity

Active region(s): UK and France

Partners: Coforge, Sia Partners

Fennech offers a single, rapid development, secure software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for back-office process automation in financial, regulatory and insurance environments

Employees: 6

Funding: Primarily self-funded with £100,000 raised from friends and family and £100,000 from angels

Ownership: Majority shareholders are the company’s directors

Elevator pitch: “We help large corporations and financial institutions automate their finance and treasury operations to solve material pain points that are limiting their ability to operate, grow their business, or take the right decisions.”

Website: www.fennech.com

Email: max.pell@fennech.com

Phone: +44 7825 934153

TMI view: The adoption of smart contract technology has a huge role to play in the progress of digitisation. Fennech’s platform meets a fundamental need in corporate finance, and other areas, being capable of automating processes around pre- and post-payment activity. 

Verdict: Solves a fundamental and essential problem when digitising documentation.