Treasury Delta

A Corporate Treasury Tender Platform

Founded:  2017

Products: Treasury Delta’s platform digitises RFPs for cash management and TMS technology.   

Overview: Treasury Delta’s platform was brought to market to simplify and streamline the corporate treasury RFP process. Its creators are seeking to address challenges in the areas of corporate banking and TMS selection, in particular around complexity, time and inconvenience. Treasury Delta’s solution aims to remove several friction points, simplifying the RFP process for all parties, with corporates, their advisors, banks and TMS vendors all able to collaborate on a digital platform.

Each corporate user receives a bespoke proprietary platform, the format depending on the nature of the RFP. This is aimed at generating the most competitive offers from the marketplace.

And there are potential benefits on all sides. Treasury Delta claims three key benefits for the bank and TMS vendor: exposure to new business opportunities; operational efficiencies; and valuable process data analytics. Meanwhile, corporates are more easily able to identify the most appropriate solution for their unique treasury operation, the platform being designed to issue and publish a bespoke digital RFP to the marketplace, and then manage the responses thereafter. Treasury Delta’s platform is intended to save all stakeholders time and cost on complex RFP-type projects.

Treasury Delta was selected by Startupbootcamp (SBC) in 2017 for its FinTech accelerator programme in The Netherlands. It was also one of twelve European FinTech companies selected by PwC Germany for its 2019 FinTech Scale Programme.

In Late October 2023, Treasury Delta and TMI announced a strategic partnership, enabling the fintech to leverage TMI’s expertise in reaching the widest audience within the global corporate treasury ecosystem.

Any solution that makes life easier for every process participant deserves to flourish.

Clients: To date Treasury Delta has executed some proof of concept transactions the most notable being a US MNC in the area of TMS selection.

Active region(s): Immediate target markets are UK and Dutch corporates

Partners: Currently in discussions with international banks and TMS vendors (announcements expected)

Funding: Treasury Delta is primarily funded by private investors along with their inaugural equity investor SBC in February 2018. It is currently seeking additional private investment and possibly a strategic investor(s).

Ownership: Private investors and SBC

Elevator pitch: “Treasury Delta’s platform allows corporates, banks and TMS vendors to carry out treasury related RFPs in a more efficient and cost effective way.”


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +44 7544 686218

TMI view: Knowing how complex and time-consuming RFPs can become, especially when they are issued infrequently, Treasury Delta has a proposition that could help every party involved save a lot of time and effort. Learn more in a recent blog post by TMI

Verdict: Any solution that makes life easier for every process participant deserves to flourish. The next step in the journey for Treasury Delta is to transact the upcoming tranche of corporate RFPs and build from there.