Collaborative Counterparty Risk Monitoring

Founded: 2020

Products: One platform for counterparty onboarding, compliance, and credit risk monitoring

Overview: SwissMetrics is a single-platform solution for counterparty onboarding, compliance and credit risk monitoring. Designed and developed for decision makers such as CFOs, treasurers, credit risk and procurement managers.

It has been designed by Peter Zmidzinski, a corporate treasury veteran of some 20 years standing. In 2020 he decided to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions, launching SwissMetrics as a SaaS counterparty risk platform allowing corporates to onboard, sanctions screen and credit risk monitor all counterparties.

SwissMetrics provides traditional credit scoring, due diligence and news for professionals from a database containing over 190 million companies from 89 countries.

The platform is aimed at bringing the commercial business closer to credit, and vice versa. This should increase relevant information flow which could be crucial in credit assessment and collection. By providing non-finance teams with critical information about clients, the platform aims to help teams prioritise tasks more efficiently.

A network overview function provides a view of finance and non-finance teams involved in their portfolios of companies and associated limits, sanctions screening, business intelligence and credit assessments. This could be particularly useful for companies with dispersed regional teams and/or those with teams working from home.

Clients: SME to institutional corporates

SwissMetrics obtains actual and forward-looking financials in a secure and digitised format enabling automated credit assessment and monitoring.

Active region(s): EMEA and US

Partners: N/a

Employees: 3

Funding: Private source

Ownership: Founder, Peter Zmidzinski

Elevator pitch: “SwissMetrics is a fintech startup from Switzerland whose purpose is to transform the way companies monitor their counterparty risk exposure – a single platform solution for  onboarding, compliance and credit risk monitoring. Developed by finance professionals, the platform is designed to promote smarter collaboration between finance and non-finance teams, in pursuit of a common goal – maximising value through risk mitigation. Being customer-centric, SwissMetrics is focused on optimising the user experience through practical, innovative and forward-looking tools. While enabling the effective monitoring of the financial health of your customers, suppliers and acquisitions, SwissMetrics further enriches your compliance function.”


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +41 78 683 96 31

TMI view: With private companies making up the bulk of supply chains and customer bases, their financials can be hard to access, expensive and/or often out of date. SwissMetrics obtains actual and forward-looking financials in a secure and digitised format enabling automated credit assessment and monitoring.

Verdict: Making risk management easier and more effective is always going to be a winner. A great step in the right direction.