Data-driven FX intelligence for corporates dealing with FX exposures

Founded: 2022

Products: FX Intelligence app that delivers FX-related calls to action and loss protection orders to treasuries, enabling them to manage their risk and hedging costs.

Overview: HedgeGo is based on 20-plus years’ expertise in the market. Its proprietary FX Intelligence app offers AI-supported data analysis, challenged by human expertise, to inform treasuries about upcoming trend changes. The resulting risks are communicated to treasury via FX ‘event alarms’ on preferred communication channels, which the firm says are “simply structured, contextualised and prepared for immediate action”.

In practice, HedgeGo suggests the best timing for executions on the market for four-to-16-week market evaluations. Its call to action suggestions consist of four stages: ‘enter hedge’, ‘stay hedged’, ‘leave hedge’ and ‘stay protected’.

The app’s pressure map shows how likely a currency pair on a scale from 0% to 100% will change its trend within a short period of time. The algorithms identify potential game-changers or consequences of ongoing events. Other components include predicted quarter rate (QFX), which is used to create more precise forecasts and to update them each quarter. A predicted interest rate difference (PID) tool aims to provide improved valuation of hedging costs.

HedgeGo currently provides results for 30 major currency pairs.

Here’s a simple app-based solution to aid dealing with FX exposures in a volatile global market.

Clients: Loacker Recycling, G+D Giesecke und Devrient, Alcar Wheels, Hasslacher Norica Timber, ZMV progressive materials, Senoplast, JAF group.

Active region(s): Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Partners: SAP, PwC

Employees: 8

Funding: Seed investment

Ownership: Gerhard Massenbauer and non-disclosed investors

Elevator pitch: “You manage risks? We provide the right timing and objective context for advanced FX decisions.”

Website: hedgego.com

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +43650 3903709

TMI view: Here’s a simple app-based solution to aid dealing with FX exposures in a volatile global market. AI- and human-informed analysis and suggestions enable quick responses to identified risks and changes.  

Verdict: AI and human expertise combine to give treasurers sharp insight into hedging needs.